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Finally, You'll Have a Step-By-Step (DIET-FREE) Plan For Taking Back Control Of Your Weight Gain
Complete 7-Step Program Delivers Results That Last a Lifetime... GUARANTEED
What Is The 7-Step
HALT Weight Gain Program?
Our 7-Step HALT Weight Gain Program is the first stage of our 3-Stage Permanent Weight Loss System…

...this is NOT A DIET.

The goal of the program is to provide you with a simple process that allows you to make the best food choices to lose weight without...

- deprivation or starvation... there are no foods "off limits", but now you'll know what each food limits are.
- spending hours in the gym... which if you're a sugar burner, it's scientifically impossible to burn fat. We'll show you how to SHIFT from sugar burner to fat burner, so you can burn fat 24/7.

- craving food... yes, you can get rid of incessant food cravings. In fact, you'll notice a big difference within 24 hours of beginning the program

- energy loss... losing weight does not have to include a drop in your energy level. One of the big advantages you'll receive by participating is the boost in energy

- pills, powders, special drinks or foods... you may be surprised to know that all the foods required to SHIFT over the next 21-days can be found at your local grocery. And most of them are probably  already in your pantry.
How Does It Work?
Over the next 14 days you get full access to the program...

...PLUS, you'll get 24/7 support including LIVE, group coaching sessions with SHIFT Formula® founder Barb McDermott.

And in the program Barb walks you through exactly what you need to do via short, entertaining instructional videos.

You'll also receive everything you need to make your HALT Weight Gain easy including meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and more.
What's Included In The 14-Day HALT Weight Gain Trial?
Halt Weight Gain!
Halt Weight Gain... is delivered via our private membership site. In each of the 7-steps we'll build a solid foundation for your weight loss acceleration by sharing the SHIFT Formula® that eliminates food cravings and begins reversing the momentum from gaining weight to weight loss.
Step 1: Start-Up... We hit the ground running right away! You'll get our best STOP Food Craving Strategies and our Start-Up Resources.
Step 2: Awareness... Talk about an EYE OPENING experience! In Step 2 we share the SHIFT Formula® that eliminates food cravings and begins reversing the momentum from gaining weight to weight loss.
Step 3: Secret Sauce... You're almost halfway through and it gets even more exciting. In step 3 you get another key piece to halting weight gain... we call this our Secret Sauce. It's "The Answer" to Permanent, hassle-free weight loss!
Steps 4 - 7: Now that we've built a solid foundation in the first 3 steps, it's time to attack! During the final 4 steps you get countless ways to SHIFT so you can begin your new transformation from sugar burner and fat storer to fat burner.
Why Am I Getting A $90 Discount Today?
The 7-Day HALT Weight Loss Program retails for $97. However, today you can get the complete 21-Day Program and save $90.  So today you can get it all for just $7.
“Why am I offering such a huge savings?”
I like to reward the action takers. I know from experience that you’ve probably tried other diets before and didn’t get the results you expected. Some of our best SHIFT success stories are SHIFTers who tried a dozen or more diets before finding SHIFT.

So, I understand your skepticism.

I also realize that you might be tired of trying and investing money on pills, potions, special foods and drinks. (None of which you need in this program. Everything is based on real, satisfyingly delicious foods you can get at your local grocery.)

And maybe even, you have resigned yourself to thinking that this is just my plight in life and I need to accept it.

But I’m here to tell you that weight gain is not your fault… or your plight in life!

.....You’ve been led to believe eating “Healthy” foods will get you back to normal. But it’s that so called helpful advice that can actually cause an avalanche of weight gain.

.....You’ve been led to believe that if you exercise enough, you’ll lose the weight.
However, that’s not how our bodies work. This is simple science. And when your body is in fat lock-down, it doesn’t matter how hard you workout, you’ll never lose enough fat to make any kind of permanent improvement.

And finally…you’ve been led to believe a weight loss program would work but it didn’t…
That’s Why I’m Offering You a 60-Day, No Risk, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee
That’s right... you get our iron-clad 60-Day, No Risk, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

That means you can go through the complete 7-Day HALT Weight Gain Program and give yourself a full 60-days of using our system to see the results.

I know it will work, that's why I can offer such an amazing guarantee!

And if for any reason… or even no reason... you decide you’d like your money back at any point during the first 60 days, simply call or email us and you’ll get every penny returned.
Remember This Special Price Is Only Available For A Limited Time.

So take advantage of it now before you forget.

And remember, there’s no financial risk in your decision today.

You're Just A Few Days Away From
Effortless & Permanent Weight Loss...
  •   Imagine, one month from today, losing weight without being on a diet, without being hungry or craving foods.
  •   Imagine your friends and family asking you, “What are you doing, you look great?”
  •   Imagine, losing weight effortlessly... without slaving away at the gym or feeling guilty because you didn’t exercise?
  •   And imagine, getting all these results without spending hours in the kitchen or being dependent on special recipes or tasteless foods.
Now, Imagine Where You’ll Be In 30-Days If You Don’t Enroll In The 7-Day HALT Weight Gain Program…
I look forward to working with you!

Barb McDermott
The SHIFT Formula®
(888) 477-4300

P.S. I would never ask you to invest in my 7-Day HALT Weight Gain Program if I didn't believe 100% in how quickly it will benefit you! That's why I offer a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
The SHIFT Formula® Is Different
The SHIFT Formula® is not just another weight loss program. YES... you will lose weight on the program however, The 7-Day HALT Weight Gain Program is not specifically about weight loss. It’s a complete action plan built upon a SCIENCE Based Formula. That means in addition to weight loss, you'll also benefit from an array of health benefits that have helped SHIFTers reverse Type 2 Diabetes, and a host of other ailments.

And... Barb McDermott, the founder of The SHIFT Formula® will be with you every step of the way! You can meet with her every week in the group coaching calls. You'll also get access to the private SHIFT Facebook page where countless other "SHIFTers" will be there to guide you along and answer questions within minutes!
About Your Instructor...
Barb McDermott, Founder
Founder of the SHIFT Formula, Barb McDermott has helped countless people suffering from diabetes (type 1 and type 2), cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, weight gain, pre-diabetes, depression, and other ailments.

For over two decades, Barb and her husband owned and operated a chain of health clubs. She also hosted her own exercise television show and produced top-selling exercise videos. As a highly sought after fitness instructor, Barb would watch member after member slip into declining health with steady chronic weight gain, despite religiously exercising. Little did she know… the solution would present itself through her daughter Erin.

Along with her health and fitness experience, Barb is the real-life mother of Axl Heck, eldest son on the ABC hit comedy, The Middle. Her son Charlie’s ability to make her laugh provides the comic relief that strengthens her ability to push through tough times. “She who laughs, lasts!"

But it wasn’t until her daughter Erin was diagnosed at age 16 that Barb began the journey that would lead to the SHIFT Formula®. Despite following doctors’ orders and the general protocol for healthy living…..exercise, balanced organic foods diet….her daughter was, like many of her health club members, progressively slipping away…steady weight gain, steady health decline. Only a mother can understand the pain and suffering of a child crumbling under the weight of a lifetime life-impacting disease. Which is why Barb took matters into her own hands.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "Do I have to buy special foods and other products?"
A: SHIFT is all about real, actual, everyday foods you can buy at any supermarket. You’ll also be introduced to delicious foods that may be new to you. The decision to buy and try these is up to you.

Our SHIFTers purchase all their foods either at their local food store, farmers market, even on Amazon! It all depends on how you like to shop.
Q: "Do I need a nutrition background to be able to understand the science? "
A: No!  SHIFT delivers the science that every human should be aware of at a level that all humans can relate to. This is Barb’s favorite thing about the program…!  How can anyone transform their health without knowing the science? “Hey! What’s going on?!” You will learn exactly what’s going on.   Knowledge is power!

And Barb delivers it all in a very engaging and entertaining way.

Q: "How soon will I see and feel results?"
A: You’ll begin experiencing changes within 24 hours of beginning the program.

Clearer thinking, calmer spirit, renewed energy, curbed cravings... and intrusive thoughts of food are gone. Gone.

Satiety and sanity go hand-in-hand and they are yours to enjoy. Bloat and irritable bowel issues begin to unravel as you experience a lightening of body and mind. Clarity, knowing exactly what to do and what results to expect, lends a peace of mind that soothes and restores your spirit. And the first result you will see is your whittled waist.
Q: "I hate cooking!" (OR) "I’m a vegetarian!" (OR) "I don’t like vegetables!"
A: SHIFT fits into any lifestyle, food philosophy or love-hate relationship with the kitchen.

This is not a fancy foods program and it’s not about creating more food prep work. SHIFT simplifies food. Choice is pared down with newfound clarity and cooking shifts from labor-intensive to minimalist. 

In short, with SHIFT you’ll find yourself devoting less and less time to food overall….less thinking, deciding, shopping, preparing, and eating……..all while not being hungry!
Guaranteed Weight Loss
Or Your Money-Back!

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