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There are no diet, exercise, pills, potions or special foods required.
If you suffer from Diabetes Type 2, pain and inflammation, weight gain or
other ailments then use this Free 7 days to “shift” out of your condition and
back to the road to health. 
When you enroll in the Free SHIFT Trial you'll receive meal plans and shopping lists, invitations to weekly support calls and our private Facebook page, PLUS... access to our 3-Stage Transformation Program described below...
Here's What's Included With Your Trial
#1) - The SHIFT Program
7-Day Access to the SHIFT 3-Stage Program... that includes the SHIFT Formula so you can eliminate food cravings and begin reversing the momentum from gaining weight to permanent weight loss... without exercise, dieting, or eating special tasteless foods.

The program is also ideal for individuals suffer with Diabetes, joint pain, inflammation, brain fog, and other ailments.
#2) - Weekly Meal Plan, Recipes & Shopping Lists
Don't worry about trying to figure what to buy or how to eat. We provide you with everything you need.

We'll provide you with a full shopping list for when you go to the store, meal plans so you know when to eat what you just bought, and recipes so you know how to prepare all your food.

No need to "crack the code," just follow along step-by-step.
#3) - Group Support Calls
Have questions? Want to make sure you're doing everything correctly? Just want to hear a friendly, understanding voice? No Problem!

Live coaching from SHIFT founder and author of FOOD B.S., Barb McDermott.

Mondays at 7PM - Eastern.
(Calls are held Weekly)
#4) - Private Community Facebook Page
You'll get access to the Private SHIFT Community Facebook Page that provides 24/7 support during your SHIFT.

Can't wait for the coaching call on Monday? Want to see some great stories and see how other SHIFTers are doing? Our online community on Facebook has you covered.
#5) - Exclusive 'SHIFT Alternative' Publications 
Alzheimer's Alternative
Cancer Alternative
Protect yourself and your loved ones from this devastating disease by implementing these brain-insulating dietary shifts covered in this report. 
Find out why many of the foods we label “healthy” actually support the growth of cancer cells. In the Cancer Alternative we share how to make your body an A.C.E. (Anti-Cancer Environment) so you can starve cancer cells. 
Cholesterol Alternative
Heart Disease Alternative
Cut through all the myth and misinformation surrounding the impact cholesterol has on health. This is ideal if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels. 
Science has proven that what we are being told is a healthy diet is not protecting our heart. Learn what you can do to keep your heart healthy and end worries of clogging arteries. 
Diabetes Type - 2 Alternative
Diabetes Type - 1 Alternative
Following conventional diabetes diet protocol virtually guarantees you will slip further and further into complications and consequence. Learn the way out once and for all.
While this chronic disease presently cannot be solved, the condition's complications and consequences can be softened. Learn the science and strategies to restoring sanity, satiety, and steadier blood glucose.
Wheat & Grain Alternative
Weight Loss Alternative
Are wheat and grain compromising your health? Learn about the science and connection between wheat, grain, inflammation, weight gain, pain and autoimmune conditions so you can cut through the hype and make smart health enhancing decisions.
Smart weight loss is about reducing body fat while preserving muscle. It's about shifting our metabolism from sugar burner to fat burner once and for all. You deserve to feel great, look great and be, healthfully, great. It all comes down to knowing, then applying, the science.
#6) - SHIFT Life Magazine
Every month you'll receive, (in the U.S. mail), your copy of the latest SHIFT Life Magazine. Inside the covers you'll find SHIFT success stories, and strategies to support your new SHIFT Life.
Although your food cravings may be long gone once you've "SHIFTed", you'll never lose your taste for SHIFT Life.
#7) - Convenient Monthly Membership - (Cancel Anytime)
With SHIFT Membership you get 24/7 access to our SHIFT Community without investing hundreds to thousands of dollars or needing to sign a long-term contract.

You can join SHIFT for just $9 a month and cancel anytime with a simple email or phone call.
Our goal is to give you the SHIFT education, NOT to milk your wallet with unnecessary pills, potions, or powders. Once you've SHIFTed, you'll know exactly what to do to optimize your health, without dieting and... eating real, delicious food.
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What Makes The SHIFT Formula Different?
We Are SHIFTers Too
We aren’t celebrity spokespeople pitching the latest fad. We aren’t fitness gurus trying to lure in clients to sell their expensive powders, drinks and supplements. Me, my husband and my kids including our Type 1 Diabetic daughter Erin enjoy living the SHIFT life 24/7/365 and reaping all the benefits.

We are in-the-trenches DOERS who despise all the theory, fads and information that just doesn’t work or only provide temporary results. We believe the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves, get your hands a little dirty and decide for yourself. This unique perspective is why our program is just flat out better than any other digital weight loss / health gain program on the market. That may sound like bragging, but we believe, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” :)
SHIFT Is Not a Diet or Calorie Restriction Program
We all know diets don’t work. But I’d argue that diets do work… temporarily They just aren’t sustainable. Even the most self-disciplined can only deprive themselves for so long, then the pendulum swings the other way. Often resulting in weight gain beyond where they started their diet.

That’s why I knew, when trying to help my daughter with her lifelong, chronic disease (Type 1 Diabetes), that she needed a program that allowed her to eat delicious foods, that didn’t compromise her blood sugar levels, and insured that she wasn’t dealing with constant food cravings. In short, by eating smarter, our SHIFT clients eat yummy foods they have avoided for years because they had been told (wrongly) that those foods would compromise their health and turn to fat.
SHIFT Is Not About Weight Loss… Really
The SHIFT Formula® is not just another weight loss program. It’s a complete action program built upon a SCIENCE Based Formula. And although, the majority of our clients come to us for weight loss, what you’ll discover is that once you begin your SHIFT, weight loss in the form of significant fat reduction becomes a naturally occurring result.

By shifting from sugar burner to fat burner, which is exactly what happens in the program, you provide your body the means to work the way it was intended to. Your body will choose and burn it’s preferred energy source, ‘fat’ over ‘sugar’. And with that comes a host of benefits including increased energy, clearer thinking, better sleep, improved A1c and blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, and yes… weight loss.

You’ll also deprive cancer cells of their fuel source.
You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer, Gym Membership or Rigorous Exercise to Succeed!
As an owner of a chain of health clubs for over twenty years, what I’m about to say may sound like blasphemy…

“Exercise Is Overrated!”

For years I’d watch member after member come into my health clubs, pound their bodies on treadmills, take multiple exercise classes, sometimes daily, and never really get results.

Now we know why. And my SHIFTers are getting amazing results without all that physical abuse to their bodies.
SHIFT Is Not Just For… YOU!
We've amassed countless success stories of spouses and other family members benefiting from SHIFT. Because SHIFT is not a diet, and you’ll find yourself eating foods you’ve only dreamed about eating in the past, your family will love your meals. You’ll turn them into fat burners without them even knowing it!

With SHIFT you no longer have to cook two separate meals. There’s no need to sit at the dinner table wishing you were eating what everyone else was eating.
You Are Never On Your Own!
Barb McDermott, founder of The SHIFT Formula® will be with you every step of the way!

You can meet with her live, every week in the group coaching calls. You'll also get access to the private SHIFT Facebook page where countless other "SHIFTers" will be there to guide you along and answer your questions within minutes!

During your SHIFT, you’ll also get private, one-to-one time with a Certified SHIFT Coach. This is where you can get real personal with your SHIFT and get that added nudge to stay on track with your progress.
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Are You Struggling With Weight Gain?
There’s nothing more frustrating than following the rules of “healthy” while watching the scale continue to rise. So let us fix that for you.
Those Looking To (Permanently) Lose Fat Love SHIFT
Weight gain is not your fault… or your plight in life!

…..You’ve been led to believe eating “Healthy” foods will get you back to normal. But it’s that so called helpful advice that can actually cause an avalanche of weight gain.

…..You’ve been led to believe that if you exercise enough, you’ll lose the weight. However, that’s not how the body works. And when your body is in fat lock-down, it doesn’t matter how hard you workout, you’ll never lose enough fat to make any kind of permanent improvement. This is simple science.

And that’s why the SHIFT Formula® is “permanent” weight loss’ best friend. By following the SHIFT science, you’ll not only lose fat and weight, you’ll do it without the constant food cravings and without depriving yourself. In fact you’ll eat delicious foods that you’ve never thought would touch your lips again, while you watch your waist line shrink and shrink.
Would You Like To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?
Imagine going back to a life before Type 2 Diabetes. Reversing your Type 2 condition is possible and can happen faster than you think.
Type 2 Diabetics Love SHIFT
As a Type 2 Diabetic you know the future is riddled with many health challenges, compromises, and expensive medications. These medications will help you live with this debilitating condition. They may appear to resolve the ‘problem’ but they are simply masking the reality… compromised health, accelerated aging, shortened life-span.

Wouldn’t you rather reverse Type 2 altogether?

Fortunately, that’s exactly what the SHIFT Formula® offers! Get your old life back. A life without expensive medications, injections, high A1Cs, blood sugar spikes and most importantly, a life where you are in control… not Type 2.
Would You Like To Soften Type 1 Diabetes?
Living with Type 1 is very, very hard and at times can seem virtually impossible. Although there is no cure, there is a better life awaiting you.
Type 1 Diabetics Love SHIFT
SHIFT originated out of founder Barb McDermott’s research to help her Type 1 Diabetic daughter, Erin. Not long after the diagnosis, and while painstakingly following the diet advice from the medical community, Barb watched in defeat as Erin’s weight skyrocketed 35 pounds, while her energy level, and will to live plummeted.

Fortunately, Barb figured out the SHIFT Formula® and now it has become the Type 1 Diabetic’s best friend by softening the hard edges of the disease, and getting them back to optimal weight, and optimal A1c… without constant food cravings.
Would You Like To Reduce Inflammation & Joint Pain?
Life is challenging enough. But to have to endure pain that drains your energy, interrupts your sleep and keeps you from experiencing the joys of your day is not fair. And now, it no longer needs to be your fate.
Those Struggling with Inflammation & Joint Pain Love SHIFT
One of the main reasons people struggle with inflammation and joint pain has nothing to do with living a “healthy” lifestyle and everything to do with science and how your body reacts to foods.

Thanks to the SHIFT Formula®, your best days are still ahead of you. Once you understand the science, it becomes crystal clear that pain does not need to part of your life anymore.
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