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Is It Time For You To SHIFT?
Now at some time in the past you've probably been at this point before...

You're intrigued.

You are thinking maybe this time I will finally... get out of pain, lose the weight without deprivation or starvation, get back on the road to "Chronic Health" and/or finally get the energy back that I had when I was 25.

And Then There's The Skeptic In You Saying...

•    “I’ve tried everything and nothing works!”

•    “I’m sure I need to be on a restrictive “DIE”t. That’s no fun and has failed me in the past.”

•    “I’m tired of drinking “green” or other expensive drinks and foods that taste like cardboard, mixed with dirt. Besides, that’s no way to live. I’d rather stay in pain, and gain weight.”

•    Or if you feel (Like my husband and I did.), that the only way to health, weight loss and better energy is EXERCISE…

...Or you're just flat out tired of trying... and failing...
That Was (Almost) Me!
I had almost given up on my daughter (Erin).

Imagine what her life would have been like... being in almost constant pain, with no energy, overweight and living the life of a hermit.

Fortunately, for Erin... and me, I allowed myself to walk up to that metaphoric ledge to take One Last Leap.

That leap led me to The SHIFT Formula®. And a new lease on life for Erin, my husband and my countless private clients.

Now I ask you to take that same leap for YOU!!
Barb McDermott
Barb McDermott
The SHIFT Formula®
(888) 477-4300

P.S. I would never ask you to invest in my 7 Day SHIFT Plan® if I didn't believe 100% in how quickly it will benefit you! That's why I'm willing to offer a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. (Get all the details below...)
Science In...
  • You Get The SHIFT Formula®... that unravels chronic disease, melts body fat, eliminates food cravings, alleviates pain and depression, tamps inflammation and, literally, puts us on the pathway to chronic health once and for all.  
  • Know The Reason (Science)... behind your cravings, energy crashes, and food addictions so that you will be in 100% control and not haunted by the food craving demons!
  • Learn How To SHIFT... from sugar burner to fat burner so the pounds can melt away like butter on a hot summer day, even if you don't exercise!
  • And So Much More...
Hype Out...
  • How To Break Free From The Cycle Of Insanity Of Being A “Sugar Burner”.
  • Realize The Limitations... of the ‘organic, real, quality’ food movement.
  • The “Low Fat” Conspiracy... If you ever want to pile on the pounds, this is a winner... however, for weight loss, eating "low fat" is like adding gasoline to your weight gain fire.
  • Dispel Common Everyday Dietary Myths... such as “calories in, calories out” “portion control”, “will-power”, and “the exercise fallacy”, and the rest of the hearsay that can derail your resolve. Now you can move forward and succeed with your SHIFT with 100% confidence.
  • And So Much More...
Insulin Down...
  • Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Insulin’s Role In Weight Gain And Weight Loss.... so you can maximize your results in the least amount of time.
  • Understand Insulin’s Role in Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinson’s, MS, RA... and any and every inflammation driven chronic health condition.
  • Know Exactly Which Foods Support Insulin Suppression... (it’s good news!).
  • And So Much More...
Fat Up...
  • Find Out The Essential Role Of Fat In The Brain, Body, and Emotional Health... so you can begin eating more flavorful, delicious foods without guilt and with added glee that your getting a triple win by eating foods that many consider TABOO in the health & nutrition world.
  • Master The Formula For SHIFTing Into Fat Burner Status... this is where you soar and will gain the skill and know how for maintaining a fat burning metabolism for life!
  • Know Exactly How To Add Fat For Flavor, Satiety, Sanity, And Survival… for the addition of fat in the right ratio will truly unravel, soften, alleviate and in many cases eliminate every health challenge from incessant cravings and stubborn weight to heart disease, depression, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, etc…..
  • And So Much More...
  • Find Out How To SHIFT Any Meal, Snack, or Treat From Compromising To Optimizing... this is where you find true "food freedom" as you'll no longer feel like you have to deprive yourself! (Which is why diets and weight loss programs fail.)
  • Get Your SHIFT Formula® "Secret Weapons” To Accelerate Your SHIFT... to support your SHIFT for a lifetime!
  • Troubled Food Situations Are Now A Thing Of The Past... you'll find out how to easily negotiate “food situations” like work, school, social, vacations, or family holidays.
  • Find Out How You Can Enjoy Ice Cream, Beer, Nachos… whatever your favorite is….within the shift parameters. It can be done!
  • And So Much More...
SHIFT Membership...
You'll never be alone...

When you invest in The 7 Day SHIFT Plan® you get a 60-day membership which means you'll get direct access to The SHIFT Formula® founder, Barb McDermott as well as all members (SHIFTers).

That means your questions will always be answered.

And you'll be invited to join the community of SHIFTers on regular live calls with Barb where you'll get to ask questions, listen to other SHIFT Member successes and get even further along your personal SHIFT journey.

PLUS... Inside the SHIFT Membership Website you'll find all kinds of useful resources, recipes and meal plans.
  • Private Facebook Page... this Facebook page is for 7 Day SHIFTers Only. Use our community of successful SHIFTers to share recipes, support one another and celebrate our successes!
  • Meal Plans & Recipes... never again will you be challenged with what to eat or thinking that you'll need to slave away in the kitchen for hours on end to SHIFT. You'll be amazed how quickly you'll be able to whip up some of the best tasting meals you've ever eaten.
  • Tools & Resources... checklists, shopping lists, links on where to find those hard to locate resources are all here! You'll save time and money with our SHIFT resources.
  • Live Group Coaching & Support Calls… you'll be able to connect live with Barb McDermott and the rest of the SHIFT community via her live
  • And So Much More...
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