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"7 Day Meal Plan, Shopping List & Kick-Start Guide"
Learn how to get your body out of fat lockdown and SHIFT it from sugar burner to fat burner without dieting or exercise. Barb lays down the SHIFT Formula foundation so you'll know exactly what to do. Your permanent weight loss solution begins with the power of knowledge. Once you know how to SHIFT - weight loss becomes natural. 
Video 2
"The Deal Maker or Breaker"
Get clarity and certainty by following the SHIFT "Predictable Weight Loss Strategy". Barb reveals the #1 Factor that trumps all other factors when it comes to battling diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammation... and weight gain. Knowing this one (scientifically proven) concept can mean the difference between significant weight loss or weight gain.
Video 3
"Food SHIFTing"
Watch as SHIFT Formula® founder, Barb McDermott, pulls back the curtains, and reveals her simplified process for SHIFTing your meals into delicious, appetizing, fat burning foods. You'll learn the secret to weight loss and chronic health... and fortunately for you, it's NOT what the government, dieticians, nutritionists or the medical community is teaching.
About Your Instructor
Founder of the SHIFT Formula, Barb McDermott has helped countless people suffering from diabetes (type 1 and type 2), cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid, arthritis,chronic pain, weight gain, pre-diabetes, depression, and other ailments.

For over two decades, Barb and her husband owned and operated a chain of health clubs. She also hosted her own exercise television show and produced top-selling exercise videos. As a highly sought after fitness instructor, Barb would watch member after member slip into declining health with steady chronic weight gain, despite, religiously exercising. Little did she know... the solution would present itself through her daughter Erin.

Barb is the real-life mother of Axl Heck, eldest son on the ABC hit comedy. The Middle. Her son Charlie's ability to make her laugh provides the comic relief that strengthens her ability to push through tough times "She who laughs lasts!"

But it wasn't until her daughter Erin was diagnosed at age 16 that Barb began the journey that would lead to The SHIFT Formula®. following doctors' orders and the general protocol for healthy living.....exercise, balanced organic foods diet.....her daughter was, like many of her health club members, progressively slipping away .....steady weight gain, steady health decline. Only a mother can understand the pain and suffering of a child crumbling under the weight of a lifetime life-impacting disease. Which is why Barb took matters into her own hands.
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