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The Oatmeal Solution?
Written by Barb McDermott on Apr. 26th 2016
If you’re filling up your breakfast bowl with oats to lower cholesterol, lose weight and keep your heart “healthy”, you’re in for a surprise…

Oatmeal is an example of the concept of nutritionism and the quest of using vitamins, minerals and all those mico-nutritients to actually achieve a benefit that really doesn’t work out.

WHY? Because it ignores basic metabolic principles.

I’m sure you have heard by now, the concept that oats can assist in reducing cholesterol. And that it’s a part of a heart health diet that we’ve been recommended to adhere to. My family, and husband in particular, have been longtime oatmeal eaters with the mindset that doing so was… “healthy”.

But, We All Know That Eating Oatmeal Is Healthy… Right… Right?

A DOSE OF REALITY: The reality is that oatmeal will cause blood sugar to skyrocket. And that word skyrocket was used by Dr. William Davis in his WheatBelly book… pg. 213.

THE FACTS: Now you might be wondering, “what does high blood sugar have to do with my heart health?” Well, high blood sugar is going to trigger metabolic cascades including the formation of AGEs… the very particles that corrode and damage delicate heart vessels.

So the concept of eating oats to protect our heart health when it actually will trigger the production of the very particles that can actually damage our heart’s health is obviously a conflict.

Talk About Adding Insult To Injury!!

Besides the AGE issue, there’s another unfortunate “bonus” that comes from our heart healthy oatmeal… excess glucose. That glucose gets converted to visceral fat.

So instead of providing our heart a healthy meal, we are setting into motion the pathway to damage our heart and to gain weight at the same time.

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