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30-Day ALL ACCESS Pass
Smart Weight Loss Without Cravings, Dieting... or Exercise
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Let Me Show You How To Lose Weight By Burning Body Fat... Naturally.
I really don’t need to workout at all.

I do it for fun. Which is the way it should be, right?

My #1 Rule for exercise is...

If it's not fun, don't do it!

Life is too short to put yourself through that drudgery.

I feel sorry for the poor souls who torture themselves with long, boring and painful workouts. 

There's no need for it. (You'll discover why during our 30-Day Challenge.)

Oh, and I don't take vitamin supplements, protein powders or anything besides what I buy at the local grocery... DELICIOUS food. 

So, how is it that at age 56 I can look and feel decades younger while hardly working out?
Barbara McDermott
Creator of SHIFT Formula & Best-Selling Author of 'FOOD B.S.'
Well, I Have A Secret Weapon…
It’s called SHIFT Formula.

It’s not a pill, powder, potion or product…

It’s not a diet, calorie restriction or portion control program…

There’s no deprivation…

There aren’t any special, tasteless foods you need to buy…

And there’s no need to hire a personal trainer to force you through a workout that feels more like root canal.
So what is SHIFT Formula?
It’s a way to optimize your body so it burns body fat instead of sugar.

When that occurs, which can happen very quickly, you’ll feel an energy surge, food cravings disappear and…
The Best Part…
Weight loss happens naturally. 

You don't have to sweat, starve, or stress. 

You just make a small... SHIFT.

And when you make that SHIFT a wonderful thing happens...

Fat stores unlock and your body can do what it's designed to do... BURN BODY FAT (Instead of Sugar).

We teach you how to do this and more during our 30-Day SHIFT Challenge.
Okay, so you're probably wondering... 
"If my body was designed to burn fat, why does it burn sugar instead?"

Great question!

The simple answer is that your body first and foremost, wants to stay alive.

And too much sugar in your blood is TOXIC.

The average person needs about 1 teaspoon circulating in their blood at any time.

That's not much. :-(

Once you go over 1 teaspoon your body does everything it can to eliminate the excess sugar. 

In short, your body goes into sugar burning mode... and stays there until the threat is gone. 

And fat stores are in lockdown. 
But it gets worse...
You see, often times there's too much sugar to burn. 

So, what do you think happens then?

Body FAT Accumulates.

Your body converts the sugar into body fat. 

Yes, it's the sugar that creates fat / weight gain. 
But Even Scarier...
If the excess sugar doesn't get converted into fat, it gets converted into A.G.E.s - Advanced Glycation End Products.

That's a very scientific way of saying...

Goopy Stuff that covers your brain causing brain fog and eventually leading to Alzheimer's. It can also corrode blood vessels, joints causing chronic pain and inflammation.

The Good News...
Within the first few days of the 30-Day Challenge, you'll begin to feel less pain and clearer, more focused thinking because you will have lessened the A.G.E. attack on your brain and joints.

So, in addition to losing weight via fat burning... addition to ridding yourself of food cravings... addition to a spike in energy that becomes your new normal...

You are also escaping the prison of chronic pain and inflammation and...

Your thinking is clearer, and you mood is improved.

That's really what the 30-Day SHIFT Challenge is all about.

I should have called it the "30-Day Weight Loss, Body Fat Burning, Energy Gain, Cravings Ending, Chronic Pain & Inflammation Ridding, Brain and Mood Enhancement Challenge"

Imagine, 30-days from now feeling 20 years younger. 

Friends and family members keep asking you, “What are you doing? You look great!”

Your gym buddies are jealous because you’re working out less but losing weight and gaining muscle.

AND… You’re eating better, more delicious foods than you have in decades!

I invite you to join us for our next 30-Day SHIFT Challenge.

Let’s stop working so damn hard!

Barbara McDermott
Here's How The 30-Day ALL ACCESS Pass Works...
Two Main Street, Suite 350
Stoneham, MA 02180
North Andover:
800 Turnpike Avenue, Suite 300
North Andover, MA 01845
STEP #1:
30-Day ALL ACCESS Pass Goal Setting & Coaching Session
As soon as you register, you'll be contacted to schedule a coaching session with Barb or Charlie McDermott.

During this coaching call we'll establish your 30-Day Challenge Goal. It could be a weight loss goal. It could also be a health gain goal like... 

-> Eliminate pain from Fibromyalgia and inflammation

-> Reducing your A1C so you can stop the damage from diabetes.

-> End the food cravings that are driving you nuts!

-> Become more productive and focused by feeding your brain the right fuel.

-> Get out of your blue mood and back to living a life that you're excited about.

You'll also get important tips during the call so you can start getting results even before Day #1.  

*To give everyone the attention they need, Barb and Charlie can only work with 30 new Fat Burn Challenge clients a month. Registration will be closed once the class is filled. 
STEP #2:
Start Day #1 of the 21 Day (Permanent) Weight Loss / Health Gain Transformation Program
During The First 21 Days... We Teach You How To Burn Body Fat... Deliciously and with as Little Effort as Possible. 
If you have a weight issue, that’s a definite sign that you have too much sugar present in your body. That means fat burning gets put on the back burner until the sugar issue is taken care of. 

However, once you SHIFT your body into Fat Burner Mode, weight / fat loss becomes natural… easy… just a part of it’s 24/7 routine. That means you’ll burn more fat sleeping than a sugar burner who’s exhausting themselves at a health club. 

YES... you can lose weight without dieting, without cravings, without buying special foods, pills, powders, potions or products.

Over the first 21 days you learn how to make a simple, small SHIFT eating delicious foods so you can quickly transform from being a sugar burner into a fat burner.
STEP #3:
Download & Printout The Monthly Events Calendar
*All LIVE Events are recorded and available for our 30-Day Challenge Members to watch anytime.
Use our calendar to keep track of numerous LIVE events designed to educate, motivate, support, keep you accountable and keep you on track throughout the 30 days including...
 MONDAY MINDSET... Meet with Barb on the Private (Member Only) SHIFT Insider Facebook Page.
 VIDEO COACHING... Every Monday evening Barb hosts a live video conference session. 
 SHIFT KITCHEN... There are numerous times monthly to join Barb in her kitchen to cook up something delicious together!
 SHIFT SHAPE... Forget going to the gym. Have fun with Barb instead. Workout together doing a yoga, circuit training, cardio or strength class. 
STEP #4:
Join Our Private Facebook Page 
You'll receive an email invitation to join our Private Facebook Page. This is where you can...

Get Support 24/7

Join other SHIFTers in discussion, support and further learning. Charlie & Barb personally monitor this page so in reality you get daily access to them for any questions you have along the way.

Facebook LIVE!

At various times during the month Charlie & Barb come to you Live via the SHIFT Private Facebook page where you can... 
Participate in various workout like strength training, yoga and other activities. 
Join Barb & Charlie live in the kitchen and make delicious dinners and desserts together, lickety-split! 
Get to interact with Barb during her weekly motivation and inspiration messages.
STEP #5:
Attend The Live Weekly Group Coaching & Support Meetings
*All events are recorded and available for you to watch anytime.
Every week of your Challenge you'll get an invitation to meet with Charlie & Barb in a live video conference. 

For many, this is the most powerful and valuable part of the 30-Day Challenge. 
 Get customized direction for specific conditions and challenges. 
 Gain the clarity and inspiration you need to know your SHIFT is progressing and will become your new normal... effortlessly.
 Stay focused and accountable by using these weekly meetings with Barb & Charlie as your sacred "work on improving me" time.
STEP #6:
Get Help... NOW!!!
You Get 3 Direct Lines To Charlie & Barb!

For times when you need a quick answer to an urgent private question you get three ways to have a one-on-one conversation with Charlie or Barb. 

You get their private email and cell phone number. It's like having a guardian angel always at the ready to help you.
Send a Private Email
Enjoy Lots of Extras Included in the 30-Day Challenge...
EXTRA #1: SHIFT Shape Workouts
*All events are recorded and available to watch anytime.
It's Your Go Anywhere Gym Membership

Join Barb live for FUN, Easy & Effective Exercise Options or go into the SHIFT Insider Site and choose from a never-ending directory of classes and workouts.

Exercise is NOT required to get results from SHIFT... but, FUN is! 

Join Barb for a variety of activities including yoga, stretching, weight resistance and more. And there's no need to join a gym or buy special equipment either. You can follow along anywhere... in your home, the beach, a park and even when traveling.
Circuit Classes
 Strength Training
 Cardio Classes and more!
EXTRA #2: SHIFT Kitchen
*All events are recorded and available to watch anytime.
If you think you need to spend hours in the kitchen to succeed, you're in for a BIG surprise!

You'll find preparing meals easier and faster than you ever imagined. And during these SHIFT Kitchen you'll see LIVE by watching Barb and Charlie, how quickly... we're talking minutes, delicious, satisfying meals go from pantry to plate.

And snacks... OH MY!

There's no need to give up snacks or deserts. 

Yes, you can lose weight and still eat desert when you know how to SHIFT.
EXTRA #3: Meal Plans
Fresh, New Meal & Snack Ideas Every Week

Take the guesswork out of mealtime. 

Don't worry about trying to figure what to buy at the grocery. 

And never feel guilty about eating again... even if you say, "WOW... I can eat that and lose weight!?" ...YES, you can! :)
EXTRA #4: EZ, No-Hassle Recipes
Now You Can Spend Less Time Than Ever Before Making The Most Delicious Meals!

WARNING... Unfortunately, our recipes will shorten your prep and cooking time. 

So if you're looking to overcomplicate making dinner, lunch or breakfast, you will be disappointed. :-)
Monthly BONUS Box
A New Surprise Inside Every Month!

There's way more to being a SHIFT Insider than weight loss. That will happen naturally... effortlessly. The way your body was designed.

But that's just 1/3 of the process. Every month you’ll receive access to your SHIFT Bonus Box via email. 

Included are your coaching materials, action guides, assignments and your events calendar  for the month.

Here are some of the topics you'll master as an Insider...
Strategies for Inner Strength & Well-Being
Wealth Attraction
Brain Hacking 101
 Happiness Rewire
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
This New Customer Special Offer Expires In:
When You Enroll Today, You Get My 21-Day SHIFT Weight Loss Program... FREE!
It's The Same Program That Sells For $995 On Our Website!
SHIFT Results...
"I will never think about food the way I USED to think about food. And I've lost 14 pounds now!"
"All those foods I USED to crave...
I don't crave them anymore."
"I can't put my head in the sand. I know it's coming to me."

It's So Simple...

“What I love is how simple the science behind the SHIFT is! It just makes sense." - Nini McGlinchey

My A1C Has Dropped To 5.9

“My A1C Is down to 5.9 and I’ve lost 10 pounds so far.” - Dee MacFadden

SHIFT Saved My Life

"SHIFT saved my life! I'm 65 lbs. lighter with an A1C in the 6s. My insulin most days is down to ZERO. I had been taking up to 72 units a day just a few months ago." - Boyd C. Davis Jr.

23 Pounds Lost With No Cravings!

"I love this way of eating and NEVER being hungry. I have never been able to give up sugar, but now, I DON'T WANT SUGAR!" 
- Elaine Silver

60 Pounds Lost & My A1C Has Dropped From 7.6 to 5.6!

"I used to spend two hours a week, for almost 2-years, at a wound clinic, because my wound would not heal. At one point my doctor told me he didn’t know what else he could for me. Fortunately I discovered Barb McDermott and SHIFT Formula. Now my wound is completely healed, Fibromyalgia is gone, A1C is down and... I continue to lose weight!" 
- Susan Gregan

Fibromyalgia Is GONE!

"10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. During the cold months I’d struggle to get out of bed. Within the first two-weeks my Fibromyalgia symptoms lessen to the point of almost non-existence! And today, I’m completely pain / symptom-free and have lost 44 pounds! " 
- Donna DiNunzio

I'm No Longer A Prisoner of Pain

At night before I made this SHIFT, I would sit on the couch and my hips would ache oftentimes to the point of tears. Now there are no tears and No Pain! Even the swelling in my ankles has disappeared. I’ve been able to get off medication and in the process lose 35 pounds!
- Karen Tinder

Just What I Needed!

"SHIFT has been just what I needed! At 52 and totally stalled in my weight loss journey, I was frustrated! I started 'SHIFTING' in May 2016 and its now January 2017 and I am down 21 lbs --- and I get to eat GREAT, TASTEFUL FOOD!"- Becky Auer

No Cravings!

"I've lost 23 pounds with no food cravings and Lots of Energy! And my recent blood work results has shown dramatic improvement." - Priscilla Butler

I'm Not Hungry!

"I'm not hungry! I feel awesome, my energy level is great and in just a few weeks I've already lost 14 lbs." - Barb Isaacs

Enjoying Delicious Food While Losing Weight...

"I'm enjoying delicious food, and feeling satisfied, while 12 pounds have melted away, from the right places! This was after 17 years as a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers." 
- Christine Hannafin

25 Pounds Lost PLUS... The Knowledge To Beat Cancer & Diabetes

A year ago I was barely able to move from my bed to the living room. Today I can walk the museum with my grandkids! I’ve lost 25 pounds. Because of SHIFT I have the energy for living again... and the knowledge to beat cancer and diabetes.
- Betty Tinder

My Mood Is So Much Better!

Because of Barbara McDermott and SHIFT Formula I’ve been able to lower my A1C down to 5.9 and lose 10 pounds! And I’m thrilled that I can travel and enjoy vacation foods while still staying on track. SHIFT has also helped me reduce my depression meds by 75%. 
- Dee MacFadden

A Double Win...

Chronic pain is Gone! Between us we’ve lost 54 pounds. And cholesterol is the lowest it has been in years!
-  Ken & Charlene Curley
*Results not typical. Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week. 
Frequently Asked Questions...
I Like Sweets... Do I Need To Follow A Sugar-Free Lifestyle?

In the challenge you'll learn why "There Are NO Foods Off Limit, When You KNOW Food's Limits". So YES! You can eat cake and lose weight by following the fat burning strategies we share during the challenge.
What Do I Need To Do In Order To Get Ready To Start?

There is nothing you need to do ahead of the start date. When you enroll into the 30-Day Challenge you will receive a confirmation email with all the details. You will also be contacted by Charlie McDermott for your initial coaching and goal setting session.  
What Can I Expect To Happen / What Results Can I Expect During The 30 Days?

Everyone responds to the program based on their own health circumstance. When you talk to Charlie McDermott during your initial coaching call, and he understands your current health condition, he can give you a more specific expectation.

That being said, within the first few hours of starting you will begin feeling more energy and food cravings will begin to evaporate. 
Can I Invite My Friends, Family and Co-Workers Into The Challenge?

YES! We encourage you to get your friends and family involved. Having more people in your life who understand and support your SHIFT, the easier and 'funner' your challenge will be.

To get then enrolled, simply send them to this page.
Is This a Diet Program?

It's well documented that diets don't work. In fact the failure rate in over 95%. During the challenge you learn the SHIFT Lifestyle which is just a small SHIFT away from your current lifestyle. 

There's a saying... "Small hinges swing big doors."

SHIFT is your small hinge that swings your body from sugar burning, weight gain and disease to fat burning, high-energy and good health.

The bottom line... during the 30-Day Challenge and beyond you will never deprive yourself of food, you will not count calories, and you will not be condemned to doing high-intensity exercise.
What Happens After The 30-Day Challenge Is Over?

At the end of the 30-Day Challenge you will have the knowledge and all the strategies to not only maintain your success but more importantly, further your results for months and years to come.

Should you want to stay connected to Charlie & Barb, you will also have the option to enroll into SHIFT Insider Coaching for $47 a month. 
What If I Want To Begin My 30-Day ALL ACCESS Pass On a Different Date?

Your 30-Day Pass start date can be adjusted if needed. Once you enroll you can alert our team via email (support(at) or phone (888.477.4300) and we'll be happy to make your 30-Day ALL ACCESS Pass fit your schedule.
Will I be billed again after I pay the $27 fee?

NO. The $27 fee covers everything. You will not be enrolled into any other programs or auto-billed via a monthly subscription. You pay just $27 One Time... that's it!
Start The SHIFT Insider Coaching Program Now!
DISCLAIMER: The SHIFT FORMULA™ PROGRAM is not a medical program and the information provided in the SHIFT FORMULA™ PROGRAM does not constitute medical advice. The SHIFT FORMULA™ PROGRAM is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of your participation in the SHIFT FORMULA™ PROGRAM. Please consult with your physician or other health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.
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