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Fort Myers Beach SHIFT Vacation Retreats
Escape Pain, Weight Gain, And A Long List Of Other Ailments While You Get Back To Feeling Great In A Tropical Paradise
Attend a SHIFT Retreat… 
Renew Your Health, Rejuvenate Your Energy and Delight in New Possibilities
Individuals, couples, friends and groups looking to get out of health chaos, optimize their energy, or who want to avoid a crushing health crises like cancer, heart disease or diabetes attend and enjoy SHIFT Retreats. This life-enriching program combines fun and laughter with customized health solutions into a vacation experience you’ll never forget.
Weekend Retreats begin at 7 pm on Friday, and conclude on Sunday afternoon. See schedule below.
A Letter from SHIFT Formula Founder & Best-Selling Author, Barb McDermott

Becoming a FAT BURNER… (Instead of a sugar burner.)

Escaping the PRISON OF PAIN… (Instead of accepting pain as your lot in life.)

Reversing Diabetes… (Instead of letting diabetes suck the life from you, get rid of it.)

Eliminating Food Cravings… (You can easily control food instead of it controlling you.)  

FIRST, here’s what it’s NOT…

It’s not about eating “fat burning” foods or so called “super foods”. They don’t exist.

It’s not about working out harder… intense exercise will actually work against you.

It’s not about buying potions, powders, pills or products 

And it’s certainly NOT about dieting, calorie restriction or deprivation.  

The TRUTH is…

RULE #1: Our Body Prefers To Burn Fat.

RULE #2: Our Body Will Heal Itself… If We Allow It.

RULE #3: KNOWING Trumps Everything… Applying Rules #1 and #2 has nothing to do with working harder… all it takes is being smarter.

When our metabolism transforms into body fat burning, we become the human version of the Energizer Bunny because fat burns cleaner and provides more long-term energy. 

Incessant food cravings vanish. Even pain, bloat and inflammation begin to disappear, sometimes within hours to days.

And… Weight (Fat) Loss happens without effort.

Yes, that’s right… you can lose weight effortlessly when you understand how your body works.


If there’s more than a tiny amount of sugar (glucose) circulating in our blood, our body puts fat burning on hold and goes into get-rid-of-sugar mode.

So it doesn’t matter how hard we exercise…

It doesn’t matter how healthy we eat…

Nor does it matter how many fruits and vegetable we blend up in our smoothies.

If sugar is circulating in our blood, burning body fat is a scientific impossibility.

Did you know…

Eating “healthy” can cause our body to go into fat lockdown.?

Even those “super-foods” get converted by our body into as many as 12 teaspoons of sugar per serving.

How dare those health pundits tout the nutritional power of certain foods without sharing the fact that you’re pouring sugar into your body.

And those foods don’t even taste good!

Many of us eat them simply because they’re suppose to be good for us.

But the worse part is… one of the ways our body gets rid of sugar in our blood, is by converting the sugar into more body fat. That means those foods you’ve been eating, that you may not even like, and that are probably more expensive…

…They are causing you to gain weight?!

It’s so frustrating!

For seven miserable years I tried every remedy, diet, super-food, powder, potion, and tasteless food in my mission to save my daughter.

Even exercise failed us…

And as an owner of a chain of health clubs for 23 years… that was a real eye-opener!

I really thought exercise was the key to weight loss and so many other health woes.

Boy was I wrong!

The Good News…

There is a solution that doesn’t require…


You don’t need to diet.

Restricting calories… forget about it!

There’s no need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in special foods, pills, powders or products. They don’t work anyway.

You don’t need to join a gym.

And you get to eat better than you have since you were a kid!

You won’t spend your day counting the minutes until your next meal.

IN FACT… You’ll probably forget to eat!  

All You Need Is KNOWLEDGE.

I invite you to come visit me in tropical Fort Myers Beach, FL. I offer small group, one and two day retreats where you can get away from life’s triggers and relax yourself into weight loss, enhanced energy and health.
Here's What You Will Discover During Your SHIFT Retreat...
  •  Discover how to burn fat all day long without even trying… even while you sleep!
  •  Learn how to reverse your diabetes using the SHIFT Method - we've clarified and simplified the path so you can drop your A1Cs to a healthy level without dieting, but instead eating delicious foods you've never dreamed would actually help you get back on track to optimal health and outrageous energy.
  •  Cut through the clutter, confusion and hype as we open your eyes and mind to the undisputed science of blood sugar stabilization.
  •  Starve Cancer... Did you know cancer cells can't live without glucose (sugar)? When you SHIFT you get the benefit of KNOWING how to create an (A.C.E.) Anti-Cancer Environment so your risk of getting cancer is greatly reduced. 
  •  Escape the Prison of PAIN... find out why a SHIFTed body begins healing itself almost immediately. And one of the first benefits are reduced inflammation, and pain. Even chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia and Arthritis have been reversed in many SHIFTers.
  •  Overcome the obstacles that are holding you back so you can get back to living the life you love. 
  •  Experience an enhanced energy surge and leave that sluggish, tired feeling behind forever. 
  •  Discover how to eliminate all food cravings and gain the POWER over food that you long for.
  •  Get the exact tools for healthy and permanent weight loss without being hungry or feeling deprived - ever. 
  •  All in a low stress, beautiful environment designed specifically to maximize your ability to enhance your heath and energy forever.
Your SHIFT Retreat happens directly on the gently lapping bay just steps from the white sands and turquoise emerald waves of the gulf. Surround yourself with swaying palm trees, Caribbean breezes and crystal clear waters.

Make friends with the playful dolphins and gentle manatee. Awaken your senses with sea spray and scented flowers in every color of the rainbow.

If you’re ready to jump-start your success and take control of your health, your diabetes and your weight, your energy and mood, then this is perfect for you.

I look forward to seeing you at our SHIFT Retreat.

To your SHIFT!
Barb McDermott
What's Included?
Bikes, Kayaks, Beach Gear and even Fishing Included... Bike to Lover's Key State Park, take a dip in the warm Gulf and soak up the sun on the best beach on the island, see all kinds of wildlife as you paddle in the back bay. You can even fish off our back dock. We'll supply you with everything you need! 
Comprehensive, Step-By-Step, Get-Out-Of-Health-Chaos Workshop... Facilitated by SHIFT Formula founder and best-selling author, Barb McDermott at her Bayfront Retreat Center in tropical Fort Myers Beach, FL
Course Action Manual... This comprehensive, easy to reference guide contains all the material covered during the retreat, so you can always reference the material and re-charge your SHIFT for many healthy and energy abundant years to come!
Custom Action Plan... Regardless of your health challenge, you'll know exactly what to do to overcome your challenge and reach you goal. Say goodbye to confusion and frustration... and hello to results!
Meals, Snacks & Samples... Your SHIFT begins the moment you arrive and throughout the retreat with our "SHIFTed" drinks, snacks and meals. Who knew you could eat like this and lose weight!?
Recipes & Valuable Quick-Results Resources... If you are concerned about needing to spend hours in the kitchen or big dollars on special foods and ingredients, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Our SHIFTers spend less money on groceries and less time preparing delicious meals with our resources.
What Others Have To Say...
SHIFT Retreat Schedule
(Add a guest - $195.)
June 28
July 25
Aug. 22
(Add a guest - $195.)
June 22 - 24
July 20 - 22
July 27 - 29
Aug. 3 - 5 (Type 1 Diabetes)
Aug. 17 - 19
Sept. 14 - 16
Sept. 21 - 23
Oct. 5 - 7 (Cancer Protection)
Oct. 12 - 14
*Includes  full use of 3 bedroom or 5 bedroom house on the bay for your family or small group!
(Call 888.477.4300 for pricing and availability.)
*One Day SHIFT goes from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and occurs at the SHIFT Retreat House on Fort Myers Beach, FL. If you are from out of the area, consider staying in our "paradise" for a long weekend. Rooms are available at the SHIFT Retreat House and there are plenty of local hotels within walking distance.

**The Weekend Retreats begin at 7 pm on Friday, and conclude on Sunday afternoon. 
*Need help or prefer to book over the phone? Call us at: 888.477.4300
June Is BOGO Month!
Buy One Retreat & Bring A Guest... FREE!
Where Is Fort Myers Beach?
Located in southwest Florida's Gulf Coast, heaped with sugar-sand, Fort Myers Beach is a popular destination for visitors eager to engage in watersports such as parasailing and kayaking – or to simply relax on the inviting beach. Fort Myers Beach sits on a little barrier island, about seven miles long, and the beach is fabulous – wide, gradually sloping, and thick with the area's justifiably famed sugar-sand. 

The beach is wonderful for walking, jogging... even bike riding! And the sunsets are spectacular. 

It is a short distance from many great areas such as Naples, Sanibel, Captiva and Marco Islands, Miami, Tampa. Popular nearby attractions include Disney World, The Edison Ford Museum, Lovers Key State Park, The Florida Everglades and so much more. 

The Southwest Florida Airport is only 20 miles away! With direct flights from all over the U.S. and even international. You can rent a car at the airport or grab a taxi. You can be on the beach within minutes of landing.

To see all of what the Fort Myers Beach area has to offer visit:
Lodging Options...
***Lodging is not included in your retreat fee.***
Stay with us at our "Bayview" Retreat House
The SHIFT Retreat house provides private living quarters that includes up to 5-bedrooms, 3-full baths, oversized living area, complete kitchen, outdoor patio and a 100' dock. All with a view to die for!

Situated on Estero Bay, which holds the distinction as one of the most densely populated dolphin refuge in the world, not a day goes by without multiple dolphin, manatee, pelican, osprey and even eagle sightings, so close you can almost reach out and touch them.

And for beach goers, the pristine white sand beach and the Gulf of Mexico are but a delightful stroll right outside your front door.

In addition to all this... there are activities galore including kayaking, biking, fishing, hiking, yoga on the dock and so much more!
( Above) The oversized living area includes cable tv, internet, and the best view of Estero Bay on the island!
(Above) As you walk through the front door of Bayview your shoulders drop and your breath pauses as you contemplate the beauty that hits your eyes looking onto the bay. YES... it's all yours for the next few days!
(Above) RELAX! You're on "Island Time". Stretch out anytime waterside on the dock.  
Stay at one of the many island hotels...
There are hotels galore on the island for all tastes and budgets. And many of them are just a short walk from our SHIFT Retreat including...
Gullwing Beach Resort
Dolphin Inn Resort
Point Estero Beach Hotel
Outrigger Beach Resort
*One Day SHIFT goes from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and occurs at the SHIFT Retreat House on Fort Myers Beach, FL. If you are from out of the area, consider staying in our "paradise" for a long weekend. Rooms are available at the SHIFT Retreat House and there are plenty of local hotels within walking distance.

**The Weekend Retreats begin at 7 pm on Friday, and conclude on Sunday afternoon. 
*Need help or prefer to book over the phone? Call us at: 888.477.4300
Who's Behind The SHIFT™ Formula
Barb McDermott, founder of the SHIFT™ Formula and best-selling author of 'FOOD B.S.', has helped countless people suffering from weight gain, diabetes (type 1 and type 2), fibromyalgia, cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, pre-diabetes, depression, and other ailments.  
For over two decades, Barb, along with her husband Charlie, owned and operated a chain of health clubs. She also hosted her own exercise television show and produced top-selling exercise videos.
How and Why It All Began
Barb’s journey that would lead to the SHIFT Formula™ started when her daughter Erin was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 16. Despite following doctors’ orders and the general protocol for healthy living, her daughter was progressively slipping away. Her steady weight gain, and health decline seemed like a bottomless pit. Only a mother can understand the pain and suffering of a child crumbling under the weight of a lifetime, life-impacting disease. After seven long years of trial and error, she struck gold with what would become the SHIFT™ Formula.   

Soon after helping Erin, friends and family heard about Erin's success and started asking Barb for help. (Erin lost over 30 pounds and reduced her diabetes type-1 insulin need by 75%.) Before long, individuals were reversing their type-2 diabetes, losing impressive amounts of fat (weight), and in the process their food cravings and debilitating chronic pain was disappearing.
Where It Is Today
As a means to help others struggling with chronic health and quality of life issues, Barb and Charlie started the SHIFT Formula™ in 2016. It didn't take long before Barb realized client demand would soon outstrip her ability to deliver the program individually. So she developed the SHIFT Formula™online membership so individuals from all around the globe could begin working their way towards the happier, healthier life they want and deserve.  

Questions...Need Help?
Call: (888) 477-4300
Email: [email protected]
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