Find Yourself Again…
At Our Tropical Paradise!
Too Little Time? Too Many Triggers? 
If you are in a place of overwhelm, adrift in the chaos of effort with no resolution, SHIFT Retreat is your solution. Away from life’s distractions, this Gulf of Mexico learning vacation on Estero Island, FL breathes hope back into lives as participants gain absolute knowing through a personalized management strategy to unravel health circumstances, including…
  •   Type 1 Diabetes
  •   Type 2 Diabetes
  •   Pre-Diabetes
  •   Weight Gain
  •   Cancer 
  •   Alzheimer's Prevention
  •   Heart Disease
  •   Rheumatoid Arthritis
  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   And More...
(The Picturesque View Of Estero Bay From The Shift Institute... Really) 
Spouse, Child or Friend…
There’s no better place to vacation and take care of a family member or friend at the same time. Your reservation allows you to bring a guest. That’s why the SHIFT Retreat is the perfect setting for a girlfriend vacation, or a special mom and daughter destination or even a romantic getaway with your spouse. 
The Solution
Your solution is not to exercise more, nor to eat less. It’s also not hidden in a green drink, powders or pills. Mis-truths, half-truths, and the dizzying array of experts, government, food industry giants, and celebrity nutritionists have us all confused, distracted and defeated.
Your SHIFT Retreat clarifies and simplifies. Shoulders drop. Pulse slows. Muscles relax. Mind quiets. Spirit calms. There is no peace without knowing. Come learn what so many SHIFTers before you have learned.
“Know food… so that you can enjoy food again while optimizing your health and restoring yourself to who you were meant to be.”
The SHIFT Retreat sits directly on the gently lapping bay just steps from the white sands and turquoise emerald waves of the gulf. Surround yourself with swaying palm trees, Caribbean breezes and crystal clear waters.

Make friends with the playful dolphins and gentle manatee. Awaken your senses with sea spray and scented flowers in every color of the rainbow.
(The Beach Is Just A Short Walk Away, But There's Also Plenty Of Natural Beauty Right In Our Backyard!) 
Because Hope Is Not A Management Strategy!
Day to day living can feel like a game of survival if we are in the middle of a health crisis. Well-meaning doctors, even friends and family, will tell you “there’s always hope.” How does someone hope when they’re barely even able to cope?
(In-House Cooking Sessions Included) 
At the SHIFT Retreat you will:
  • Learn: the science of food, metabolism and chronic health.
  • Know: the exact food issues driving your present health situation. 
  • Acquire: food know-how and meal prep skills.
  • Simplify: food preparation with our minimalist approach to your health and well-being.
  • Focus: on restoring ease of living while unraveling your seemingly irreversible health challenges.
  • Gain: peace of mind by knowing exactly what to do and the why and how to do it.
Who We Are...
The SHIFT Retreat was started by two health club veterans who, as the parents of a Type-1 Diabetic child, recognized the importance of sun, sand and a dedicated focus on health gain.
Barb & Charlie McDermott
Founder of the SHIFT Formula and Best-Selling Author, Barb McDermott has helped countless people suffering from diabetes (type 1 and type 2), cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, weight gain, pre-diabetes, depression, and other ailments.

For over two decades, Barb and her husband owned and operated a chain of health clubs. (Ranked Top 100 by Club Industry Magazine.) She also hosted her own exercise television show and produced top-selling exercise videos.

Along with her health and fitness experience, Barb is the real-life mother of Axl Heck, eldest son on the ABC hit comedy, The Middle.

Barb’s journey that would lead to the SHIFT Formula™ started when daughter Erin was diagnosed (Type 1) at age 16. Despite following doctors’ orders and the general protocol for healthy living, her daughter was progressively slipping away. Her steady weight gain, and health decline seemed like a bottomless pit.

Only a mother can understand the pain and suffering of a child crumbling under the weight of a lifetime, life-impacting disease. Which is why Barb took matters into her own hands and founded the SHIFT Formula™

As a means to help others struggling with chronic health and quality of life issues, Barb and Charlie moved from Pennsylvania and invested in their Fort Myers Beach, Florida retreat on the bay.
SHIFT Retreat Information
The SHIFT Retreat is offered as small group or private, one-on-one visits. Retreats are scheduled throughout the year and are booked on a first come, first serve basis.
(Retreats book up fast, especially during the fall and winter months.)
Choose One of Three Retreat Options...
The perfect weekend getaway!  Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in our sun drenched tropical setting. Stay on the bay with us, or choose from the many hotels just a short walk or bike ride away.

(Limited Bayview Retreat rooms are available and are offered on a first come, first serve basis. See below for Bayview Retreat Accommodation Details.)
This SHIFT is ideal for the husband & wife, mother & daughter, or individuals seeking one-on-one instruction from Barb McDermott.

Private SHIFTers have access to their own living quarters. (See below for Bayview Retreat Accommodation Details.)
Create memories and health gain that lasts a lifetime with your friends and family. Your group, up to 6 individuals, can reside at the SHIFT Retreat house. (See below for Bayview Retreat Accommodation Details.)

This intimate retreat can be customized to meet your group's SHIFT and rejuvenation needs.
Stay at the "Bayview" Retreat...
The SHIFT Retreat house provides private living quarters that includes 3-bedrooms, 2-full baths, oversized living area, complete kitchen, and a 100' dock. All with a view to die for!

Situated on Estero Bay, which holds the distinction as one of the most densely populated dolphin refuge in the world, not a day goes by without multiple dolphin, manatee, pelican, osprey and even eagle sightings, so close you can almost reach out and touch them.

And for beach goers, the pristine white sand beach and the Gulf of Mexico are but a delightful stroll right outside your front door.

In addition to all this... there are activities galore including kayaking, biking, fishing, hiking, yoga on the dock and so much more!
As you walk through the front door of Bayview your shoulders drop and your breath pauses as you contemplate the beauty that hits your eyes looking onto the bay. YES... it's all yours for the next few days!
The oversized living area that includes cable tv, internet, and the best view of the bay on the island.
RELAX! You're on "Island Time". Stretch out anytime on the waterside dock. 
Stay at an Island Hotel...
There are hotels galore on the island for all tastes and budgets. And many of them are just a short walk from our SHIFT Retreat including...

Gullwing Beach Resort
Point Estreo Beach Hotel
Wyndham Garden Beach Hotel
Outrigger Beach Resort
Dolphin Inn Resort
SHIFT Retreat Sample Schedule
Day 1:
8:00 am  -  Sunrise Yoga, Dock Workout or Beach Walk (optional) 

9:00 am  -  Break-the-Fast  

9:30 am  -  SHIFT Session (foundation, science) 

12:00 pm  -  Lunch and Learn / Shop Session

2:00 pm  -  Customizing Your SHIFT

5:30 pm  -  Cooking Session

6:30 pm  -  Bayview Dockside Dinner
Day 2:
8:00 am - Sunrise Yoga, Dock Workout or Beach Walk (optional)

9:00 am - Break-the-Fast

9:30 am - Institute Session (applying the science)

12:00 pm - Lunch and Learn / SHIFT Mastery

2:00 pm - Grounding (biking, beach, kayaking, etc.)

5:30 pm - Bayview Dockside Dinner
SHIFT Retreat 2017 / 2018 Schedule
Sunday, Oct. 8 - Monday, Oct. 9

Saturday, Nov. 4 - Sunday, Nov. 5

Saturday, Dec. 9 - Sunday, Dec. 10

Saturday, Jan. 6 - Sunday, Jan. 7
Saturday, Jan. 20 - Sunday, Jan. 21

Saturday, Feb. 10 - Sunday, Feb. 11

Saturday, Feb. 24 - Sunday, Feb. 25

Saturday, Mar. 10 - Sunday, Mar. 11
What Makes The SHIFT Formula Different?
We Are SHIFTers Too
We aren’t celebrity spokespeople pitching the latest fad. We aren’t fitness gurus trying to lure in clients to sell their expensive powders, drinks and supplements. Me, my husband and my kids including our Type 1 Diabetic daughter, Erin, enjoy living the SHIFT life 24/7/365 and reaping all the benefits.

We are in-the-trenches DOERS who despise all the theory, fads and information that just doesn’t work or only provide temporary results. We believe the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves, get your hands a little dirty and decide for yourself. This unique perspective is why our program is just flat out better than any other digital weight loss / health gain program on the market. That may sound like bragging, but we believe, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” :)
SHIFT Is Not a Diet or Calorie Restriction Program
We all know diets don’t work. But I’d argue that diets do work… temporarily. They just aren’t sustainable. Even the most self-disciplined can only deprive themselves for so long, then the pendulum swings the other way. This often results in weight gain beyond where they started their diet.

That’s why I knew, when trying to help my daughter with her lifelong, chronic disease (Type 1 Diabetes), that she needed a program that allowed her to eat delicious foods, that didn’t compromise her blood sugar levels, and insured that she wasn’t dealing with constant food cravings. In short, by eating smarter, our SHIFT clients eat yummy foods they have avoided for years because they had been told (wrongly) that those foods would compromise their health and turn to fat.
SHIFT Is Not About Weight Loss… Really
The SHIFT Formula® is not just another weight loss program. It’s a complete action program built upon a SCIENCE Based Formula. And although, the majority of our clients come to us for weight loss, what you’ll discover is that once you begin your SHIFT, weight loss in the form of significant fat reduction becomes a naturally occurring result.

By shifting from sugar burner to fat burner, which is exactly what happens in the program, you provide your body the means to work the way it was intended to. Your body will choose and burn it’s preferred energy source, ‘fat’ over ‘sugar.’ And with that comes a host of benefits including increased energy, clearer thinking, better sleep, improved A1C and blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, and yes… weight loss.

You’ll also deprive cancer cells of their fuel source.
You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer, Gym Membership or Rigorous Exercise to Succeed!
As an owner of a chain of health clubs for over twenty years, what I’m about to say may sound like blasphemy…

“Exercise Is Overrated!”

For years I’d watch member after member come into my health clubs, pound their bodies on treadmills, take multiple exercise classes, sometimes daily, and never really get results.

Now we know why. And my SHIFTers are getting amazing results without all that physical abuse to their bodies.
SHIFT Is Not Just For… YOU!
We've amassed countless success stories of spouses and other family members benefiting from SHIFT because SHIFT is not a diet. You’ll find yourself eating foods you’ve only dreamed about eating in the past, and your family will love your meals. You’ll turn them into fat burners without them even knowing it!

With SHIFT you no longer have to cook two separate meals. There’s no need to sit at the dinner table wishing you were eating what everyone else was eating.
You Are Never On Your Own!
Barb McDermott, founder of The SHIFT Formula® and author of FOOD B.S., will be with you every step of the way!

She personally coaches every SHIFTer at the SHIFT Institute during retreats, and participates in all sessions during your 2 days.

Outside of retreats, SHIFTers can meet with her live, every week in the group coaching calls. You'll also get access to the private SHIFT Facebook page where countless other "SHIFTers" will be there to guide you along and answer your questions within minutes!
Success Stories
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