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Charlie McDermott

As a previous health club owner, Charlie watched members exhaust their bodies doing every type of work out under the sun. Sadly, with all that hard work, many of these members never seemed to make any progress. Find out WHY exercise is NOT the answer during this Free Online Seminar.
Thursday, July 7th
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How To SHIFT From Sugar Burner To FAT Burner So You Can Lose Weight, Reduce Pain, Ward Off Type 2 Diabetes and a Host of Other Ailments Without Exercise, Dieting, Drugs, Surgery, Pills, Drinks, & Banish Cravings For Good!
Science In... Hype Out!
Discover How Real Science (Not Marketing Hype or Diet Fads), Dictates Your Ability To Melt Away Fat
Insulin Down... Fat Up!
Find Out Why, What You Are Been Told Is The Exact Opposite Of What You Need To Do!
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Charlie McDermott

Former health club chain owner and fitness enthusiast who will share, "Why Exercise IS NOT The Answer".

Barb McDermott

Founder of the SHIFT Formula®. Learn how to SHIFT from Pain, Weight Gain & other ailments into Chronic Health!
A Personal Letter From Barb McDermott...
How To SHIFT From Sugar Burner To FAT Burner So You Can Lose Weight, Reduce Pain, Ward Off Type 2 Diabetes and a Host of Other Ailments Without Exercise, Dieting, Drugs, Surgery, Pills, Drinks, & Banish Cravings For Good!

I would be too… if not for what I’ve gone through these past seven years…

You see, weight loss was not even a thought when I figured out my SHIFT Formula ®. All I wanted to do was help my daughter Erin get her life back.

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 16, my husband and I watched Erin go from a vibrant, energetic, happy and healthy teenager into a depressed, unenthused, and in my darkest moments, I couldn’t help but see a beautiful girl who had lost the will to live.
We Felt Helpless…
And Guilty

You see, my husband and I owned a chain of health clubs. And exercise, “we thought”, could cure just about anything. Needless to say, we were SHOCKED when the more we pushed Erin to exercise, the worse her condition got. Spiking blood sugars. Her body sapped of energy. Physical pain. And significant weight gain…

It was our personal nightmare.
The Nutrition World’s “Super Foods”
Became Our Kryptonite

We even tried eating “healthier”. Surely more fruits, vegetables would help… we thought. And low fat, and no-fat foods filled our grocery shopping cart.
Shockingly, that only made Erin’s condition worse!

For example… I’d prepare a healthy quinoa dish, (What the nutrition world considers a “super food”.), and within minutes, her blood sugar levels would spike… causing her more harm than good.
We’ve Been Duped…
Even Lied To…

I now understand why loading Erin up with so-called healthy fruits and vegetables was about the worse thing we could have done for her. What I discovered with the SHIFT Formula® is nothing we were ever told by the medical or pharmaceutical community, nutritionists, dieticians or personal trainers.
And it’s not their fault. After all I went through to figure out the SHIFT Formula®, I can see why most professionals in the health community just follow along with “conventional” wisdom without questioning the science behind it.

Now I’m here to tell you, it’s a lot of work. It took me seven years, working on it full-time reading piles and piles of books, countless hours of research, courses with seemingly endless frustrating trial and error.

In all honesty, I would have given up trying to find an answer years before I struck gold with the SHIFT Formula®. If it were not for Erin, seeing her struggle day after day, and being constantly reminded of the pain she was in.

It’s Your Choice…
Continue Being A Victim Of The Healthcare System
Or Seek The Solution

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting public, we are all victims to a heath care system that is fueled by prescribing drugs instead of providing a solution. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there’s a lot of money to be made by keeping us sick.

And when you attend my online seminar I’ll show you how you can STOP being another cog in the healthcare system… like Erin and my clients used to be.
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Food Cravings Be Gone!
The worse part for Erin was the insatiable appetite. She lived 24/7 hungry. Can you imagine how difficult life was for her? It was torture. And on top of that was the guilt she felt! In her mind, she lacked the discipline to stop eating.

However, DISCLIPLINE had NOTHING to do with Erin’s food (demons) cravings.
“Mom, I’m still hungry.”
Night after night at the dinner table I witnessed Erin eating a full “healthy” meal and right after her final bite, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she would look at me and say, “Mom, I’m still hungry.” I can’t even put into words how helpless and devastating that feeling was that would consume my being.
Years later I discovered the science behind this “always felling hungry” symptom. I discovered the science behind WHY Erin was having insatiable cravings that enabled me to find the SOLUTION.

And I also know from the clients I work with, that constant “food cravings” are a common symptom that makes them feel powerless, guilty, depressed... DEFEATED.

Fortunately for Erin, and my clients who used to struggle with constant food cravings, we now know the reason… and have the cure.

Just figuring out this one piece alone was enough to send Erin on a trajectory to her old self. Today, with joyful tears in my eyes as I write this, I can say Erin is back. Her energy has returned. She’s lost all 30 plus pounds that her disease put on her body… and she did it without exercise, dieting, or any type of special foods or drinks.

"For 7 Years... Food Controlled Me"
My 7 Year Journey That Accidentally Caused Me To Discover The SHIFT Formula®
And Help Countless People Get Out Of Pain, Lose Weight,
Gain Energy, Mental Focus, & TRANSFORM Their Health
Back when Erin was diagnosed, I embarked on what turned out to be a seven-year journey. With countless twists, turns and dead ends. I devoured every ounce of information I could get my hands on. All with but one goal in mind…
To Get My Daughter’s Life Back!
In addition to the life altering impact my SHIFT Formula® had on Erin’s life, what happened next really surprised me..

At the time I discovered the SHIFT Formula®, both my husband and I made the “SHIFT” in addition to Erin. We weren’t looking to lose weight or do anything other than support our daughter.

A Funny Thing Happened When We “SHIFTed”…
Within a week, my hip joint pain that would keep me awake at night, unless I took Avil at bedtime, was gone! My husband suffered from terrible allergies for years. Twice a year he’d get shots from the doctor and in between he’d live on allergy medication. He’s not had an allergy shot or taken any medication since we “SHIFTed”.

And yes, we saw other fascinating changes… including clearer thinking, a more positive overall feeling and weight loss. Fortunately, Erin was experiencing the same positive changes.
From 38 Units Of Insulin A Day To 8!
We affectingly call Erin our test-crash dummy. Because of her Type 1 Diabetes condition, she’s always testing her blood sugar to decide how much insulin to inject into her body. And because of Erin, I knew within hours of SHIFTing that we were on to something big.

For years Erin had averaged 32 units of insulin that was injected into her body every day just to normalize her blood sugar level. Within 24 hours of her SHIFT, her insulin dosage was down to 8 units! (And has stayed consistently low ever since.)
Now that is certainly great news for Erin, but that also means that people without Type 1 Diabetes are also releasing significantly less insulin into their bodies. And when you attend my online seminar, you’ll understand the link to low insulin levels and “Chronic Health”.
Join Me To Discover The SHIFT Formula® Transformation – FREE Seminar - Click The Button Below
Word Spread Like Wildfire
When family and friends started noticing all the improvements in Erin, my husband, and me, they of course started asking questions. So I’d share a tip here and a tip there and like clockwork, they’d report back with positive news within days of our conversation.

Before long I found myself improving the lives of clients suffering from Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, cancer, pre-diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, weight gain, depression and other ailments.
It’s Time To SHIFT!
At the urging of my daughter (Erin) and all my clients, everyone of them experiencing amazing health benefits, I’ve decided to make the SHIFT Formula public.

If you’ve read this far you are probably thinking one or more of the following…
  • “I’ve tried everything and nothing works!” 
  • “I’m sure I need to be on a restrictive “DIE”t. That’s no fun and has failed me in the past.”
  • “I’m tired of drinking “green” or other expensive drinks and foods that taste like cardboard, mixed with dirt. Besides, that’s no way to live. I’d rather stay in pain, and gain weight.”
  • Or if you feel (Like my husband and I did.), that the only way to health, weight loss and better energy is EXERCISE…
Then you are in for a very eye opening and PLEASANT Surprise!
Spend a few minutes with me on this free seminar and find out how a simple SHIFT can Transform you into a better YOU.
Barb McDermott
Barb McDermott
The SHIFT Formula®
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